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Family Owned and Operated

A-1 Parking Lot Renewal is a small family owned and operated business which was originally started in April of 2014  out of a passion to make parking lots appealing, safe, and functional. We have been in our current location since October of 2018. Parking lots can be renewed by  line striping, marking, sealcoating, or other activities which revitalize your parking lot.

Our Services

Communication is Key

As the owner I will meet with you to discuss your striping and other parking lot maintenance needs to fully understand and ensure your satisfaction once the effort is complete.  Striving to the best of our ability to meet your timeline and to ensure the least amount of impact to your business or operation as possible. I will maintain open communication with you from start to finish of the project. 

Our Services
Loading Zone stenciling and related marking

Exceptional Quality and Workmanship

 We are dedicated to providing premier quality and workmanship. Taking pride by paying attention to detail during all aspects of the parking lot striping,  marking or maintenance project . Our striping is straight, crisp, and clean. Our other services including  sealcoat exhibit the same level of detail. Large or small we are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. Compare us to the other competition and you will see the difference. 

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About Us

"Employee Only" parking stall paint marking

Customer Satisfaction

The primary way to stay in business is to provide a quality end product, at a reasonable price, with exceptional customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to delivering all three regardless of the parking lot maintenance effort.  When the striping and related parking lot renewal is complete it will meet our standard ensuring you the customer are fully satisfied.

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Quality Products

For line striping or marking we use fast drying premium paints regardless of color. Watered down paint or sealcoat products are never used. This ensures full coverage is achieved to help ensure optimal performance whether over  asphalt or concrete. We adher to all manufacturers instructions ensuring a quality end product.

Long striped walkway

Bottom Line

We believe we  bring quality,  attention to detail, dedication, and sensitivity to customer satisfaction associated with a premier company. I look forward to meeting you and explaining our  services including striping, marking  and sealcoat with the hope of earning your business. 

Other Company Information

Mission Statement: Providing our customers a high quality  finished parking lot which is appealing to the eyes, functional and provides a safe parking experience. 

Vision Statement: Straight Line Every time.

Owner and Operator Profile–   I have always had an interest and pride in making things work and look better. This is evident in the approximately 40 years  combined which I spent in the Space Shuttle and Missile Defense industry. One of the areas I was particularly attached to was painting. I started out doing house painting during summers while in college. Through the years I have painted for friends and family at various times. About five to six years ago I was introduced to parking lot maintenance through a family member already in the business here in Florida. Specifically striping and sealcoating interested me but all aspects of parking lot maintenance were appealing. I knew then this was something I wanted to do full-time. While visiting family here in Florida I took every opportunity  to get more familiar with all aspects of the business. This included striping prep work, sprayer operation, parking lot layout, paints, and related techniques as well as all aspects of sealcoat preparation, application, and asphalt repairs. I also researched all the Federal, state, and city parking lot requirements to include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While still working full time, I started my parking lot maintenance company in April of 2014.  I did this about three days a week.   Recently I transitioned to doing this full time here in Florida. 

Marking for car wash yellow stalls

Marking for car wash yellow stalls

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