Parking Lot Striping and maintenance Services

Parking lot re-stripe with Graco sprayer

Parking Lot Striping and Maintenance Details

A-1 Parking Lot Renewal can accommodate your parking lot needs for your business, church, or organization. 

  • Custom layout and stripe on freshly laid asphalt or concrete or pre-existing lot
  • Re-stripe to existing layout and pattern  
  • Re-stripe to existing layout and pattern over seal-coat
  •  Line marking as well as stenciling to address any and all of your needs such as handicap marking, reserve space markings,  to something as simple as parking stall numbering
  • Stencil/paint directional arrows
  • Ensure parking areas are in compliance with the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
  • Sealcoat application
  • Parking lot asphalt repairs to include pot holes
  • Install or paint wheel stops
  • Paint curbs
  • Install signs and posts for Handicap, Reserved, etc.
  • Paint over asphalt or concrete 

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Question: How frequently should my parking lot be re-striped?

Answer: Re-striping depends on the amount of vehicular traffic but typically every 1-2 years. 

Question: How many handicap stalls does my lot require? 

Answer: Number of stalls are called out in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible design, and the related ADA Business and Compliance Brief. Typically 1 handicap for every 25 spaces.  

Question: How frequently should my parking lot have sealcoat applied?

Answer: If a parking lot is properly maintained approximately every 2-3 years.

Question: What is the purpose of seal-coat?

Answer: Regular application of sealcoat helps to extend the life of your asphalt by reducing the environmental effects from such items as UV radiation and water. It also helps reduce the effects from vehicular traffic.